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UR: Video Art by MissAbigailWyatt UR: Video Art :iconmissabigailwyatt:MissAbigailWyatt 1 0 Broken Basics (Baldi's Basics x WWE Raw, Doodles) by MissAbigailWyatt Broken Basics (Baldi's Basics x WWE Raw, Doodles) :iconmissabigailwyatt:MissAbigailWyatt 1 0 Commission: Simply Lorelai by MissAbigailWyatt Commission: Simply Lorelai :iconmissabigailwyatt:MissAbigailWyatt 5 3 Lockdown Wrestling: Wig by MissAbigailWyatt Lockdown Wrestling: Wig :iconmissabigailwyatt:MissAbigailWyatt 3 0 UR: Zaida (Shoal) by MissAbigailWyatt UR: Zaida (Shoal) :iconmissabigailwyatt:MissAbigailWyatt 2 0 Urban Rivals: Juno (Shoal) by MissAbigailWyatt Urban Rivals: Juno (Shoal) :iconmissabigailwyatt:MissAbigailWyatt 3 0 NJPW: Fluffin' C**t by MissAbigailWyatt NJPW: Fluffin' C**t :iconmissabigailwyatt:MissAbigailWyatt 5 0 Lockdown Wrestling: Jack Broccoli by MissAbigailWyatt Lockdown Wrestling: Jack Broccoli :iconmissabigailwyatt:MissAbigailWyatt 7 1 Overwatch: Knifey Spoony (Sketch) by MissAbigailWyatt Overwatch: Knifey Spoony (Sketch) :iconmissabigailwyatt:MissAbigailWyatt 6 0 WWE: Smile! by MissAbigailWyatt WWE: Smile! :iconmissabigailwyatt:MissAbigailWyatt 9 7 Overwatch: Ladies In Blue by MissAbigailWyatt Overwatch: Ladies In Blue :iconmissabigailwyatt:MissAbigailWyatt 4 0 Lockdown Wrestling: Tiffany Weaver by MissAbigailWyatt Lockdown Wrestling: Tiffany Weaver :iconmissabigailwyatt:MissAbigailWyatt 8 0 TMH/Lockdown: Carrying Awesome by MissAbigailWyatt TMH/Lockdown: Carrying Awesome :iconmissabigailwyatt:MissAbigailWyatt 4 0 Lockdown Wrestling: Sweetpea by MissAbigailWyatt Lockdown Wrestling: Sweetpea :iconmissabigailwyatt:MissAbigailWyatt 4 0 Lockdown Wrestling: Flower Crowns by MissAbigailWyatt Lockdown Wrestling: Flower Crowns :iconmissabigailwyatt:MissAbigailWyatt 6 2 UR: More Head and Shoulder Designs (Shoal) by MissAbigailWyatt UR: More Head and Shoulder Designs (Shoal) :iconmissabigailwyatt:MissAbigailWyatt 4 0


CalawayVerse - Catering Hijinks
Ezekiel jumped almost half a foot up as he sat in the chair at catering. He was quickly joined by his older brother - Bray - and Bray's tag team partner/life partner, Woken Matt Hardy. His older sister Abby was also there and wheeled beside him, tutting and shaking her head as she looked over at Matt. He looked at his brother, who gave him a strange expression.
"Are you alright, Ezekiel?" He asked, "Does it have anything to do with us facing Bo at Money In The Bank, man?"
Ezekiel frowned, shaking his head in reply. He was glad his brother didn't copy Matt in more ways than one, his voice still slow and soothing, nothing like the rambunctious Matt. Ezekiel poked at his food as Matt plopped a handful of green beans onto the plate. He shifted the plate away from Abby's general direction, and continued poking at his food with a fork. Bray looked a bit concerned, but didn't respond, choosing to eat what he had on his plate.
Abby looked over at Ezekiel's plat
:iconshooting-starchild:shooting-starchild 2 4
Ezekiel Wyatt Profile
Real Name: Kendall Michael Rotunda
Ring Name: Ezekiel Wyatt
Nicknames: Zeke, Kenny, E-Z Rider (UpUpDownDown Nickname)
Age: 27
DOB: October 5th 1990
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Brooksville, Florida
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Brown
Hair Style: Long and partially covering his face. He has a beard that pretty much matches the rest of the Wyatt family, being bushy and long.
Height: 6'9" (276cm)
Weight: 234lb (106kg)
Family: IRS (father), Bray Wyatt (older brother), Abby Wyatt (older sister), Bo Dallas (older brother)
Partners: None
Friends: Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Aleister Black, Luke Harper, Erick Rowan, Lorelai Calaway (who he has a crush on), Braun Strowman
Rivals: Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, John Cena
Wrestling Specific
Allignment: Tweener
Career Achievements: None (as of Money In The Bank 2018)
Career Highlights: Won PWI's Most Improved Wrestler in 2015
Stables: The Wyatt Family (with Bray Wyatt, Abby Wyatt, Erick Rowan and Lu
:iconshooting-starchild:shooting-starchild 2 0
UR Fan Clan: Anvile
EDITED: Fixed typos and missing words. Added a new character.
2ND EDITED: Made some few changes. Added some new characters.
3RD EDITED: Made changes again. Added few new characters.
4TH EDITED: Added a new character.
5TH EDITED: Made few changes. Added new characters.
6TH EDITED: Added a new character.
7TH EDITED: Made some changes. Added a new character. Added a new and improved bio.
8TH EDITED: Added a new character.
Anvile: The Ink Infected Animators/Inkblot Cartoon Clan
Bio: After that horrendous ink explosion and the stab of Rocky Inchiostro in the Malt Wizzy Studios, all the staff; animators, voice actors, comedians, all got infection by the black ink, transforming them into terrifying monsters made of ink. The black ink even bring the drawings to life, causing chaos with zany toony aesthetics such as dropping objects, making wildtakes and turning to monsters as well...
Symbol: A white letter A on a g
:iconluvkitty13:LUVKitty13 3 10
Toxic Love by larienne Toxic Love :iconlarienne:larienne 2,764 63 UR Fan Char - Hugh Jazz by LUVKitty13 UR Fan Char - Hugh Jazz :iconluvkitty13:LUVKitty13 3 4 I hate my magic by kabocha I hate my magic :iconkabocha:kabocha 7 2 y o u r e  b r e a k i n g  m y  h e a r t by AsterianMonarch y o u r e b r e a k i n g m y h e a r t :iconasterianmonarch:AsterianMonarch 394 29 Chibi Commission-Broken Matt Hardy by Magical-Mama Chibi Commission-Broken Matt Hardy :iconmagical-mama:Magical-Mama 18 14 Chibi Commission-Evie Hawkins by Magical-Mama Chibi Commission-Evie Hawkins :iconmagical-mama:Magical-Mama 10 0 Chibi Commission-Martin by Magical-Mama Chibi Commission-Martin :iconmagical-mama:Magical-Mama 10 2 Chibi Commission-Iris Morana by Magical-Mama Chibi Commission-Iris Morana :iconmagical-mama:Magical-Mama 15 3 Chibi Commission-Prishe by Magical-Mama Chibi Commission-Prishe :iconmagical-mama:Magical-Mama 12 0 AT - The Silent MegaMart Employee by LUVKitty13 AT - The Silent MegaMart Employee :iconluvkitty13:LUVKitty13 5 2 UR Fan Char - Rod Staph and Rowgue by LUVKitty13 UR Fan Char - Rod Staph and Rowgue :iconluvkitty13:LUVKitty13 3 4 For MissAbigailWyatt! by monochrome645 For MissAbigailWyatt! :iconmonochrome645:monochrome645 7 2 Vobin Full Body by LUVKitty13 Vobin Full Body :iconluvkitty13:LUVKitty13 4 0

How come I never know what to poll about anymore. Final Fantasy game? 

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United Kingdom
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I'm a hobbyist who draws mostly for pleasure, but I do draw things for voluntary purposes/groups. I'm into wrestling in a big way, particularly WWE but my art does venture into other promotions.

Things I am working on:
*A fictional wrestling promotion known as Lockdown Wrestling, inspired by both the WWE and an app game known as the Muscle Hustle. I have drawn a couple of pictures related to the later and have been encouraged by the MH community to pursue a crossover between MH and Lockdown.

*Fan clans for an online game called Urban Rivals. I have the MegaMart, who have been worked on since around 2011, and the Shoal who are very new and need a lot of development. I also draw art for the magazine, but only really post stuff once the issue has been released. When I get round to it, I will be posting the fanfiction too.

*I also dabble in Pokemon, Robot Wars and potentially TWF fan-art from time to time. These are three concepts that I love to humanise and create gijinkas for. I treat Robot Wars like a wrestling promotion/federation, surprise surprise.

*On hiatus at the moment is my own magical girls/boys concept, Rottenheimer. I don't know when I will start working on the story again but I don't want to remove the art. I am hoping to update it soon.

You can also find me at the following places under the following usernames.

Tumblr: MissAbigailWyatt
Polyvore: MissAbigailWyatt
Urban Rivals: AbbyWyatt (the usual is too long a username)
When was the last time I posted a journal here? Way too long. Not that there's a lot to talk about. The hospital recently put me on some different painkillers and I'm getting myself a wheelchair for conventions cos I just get so tired from standing and walking these days. Arthritis will do that to you. Just really thankful that one of the few areas it hasn't touched is my hands, and that I can keep drawing stuff. Drawing is a nice distraction and I honestly don't know what I'd do if that wasn't the case.


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